Euveka-Creation of Innovative Robotic Dummies

Euveka a French expert and leader in mass customisation process in the textile and clothing industry, They are specialized in robotic technologies applied to morphology and biomimicry.


They develop smart connected dummies using a custom software, to support fashion, sport and medical professionals in prototyping and selling well-adjusted garments.


The evolutionarily connected mannequin thought up by the young French Audrey-Laure Bergenthal should soon bury the traditional wooden mannequin.  You only need to scan a person and enter all the parameters into the system. The robot, which may vary from size 36 to size 46, becomes the desired shape in less than two minutes.  From there, you can make a prototype with the exact size of the client or targeted morphological market. And once the clothing prototype is manufactured, the robot can detect its faults, from the pressure of the fabric to the solvent toxicity, thanks to sensors functioning as quality control.  Incredible but true, virtual technology seems to have never been as beneficial to the fashion industry.