About Yaser and Mayasa Textiles


The story of our fabric business is one that spans generations.

It began with our great grandfather Mr. Mahdi AlBeer in Baghdad, Iraq in the year 1920. He was a specialist in black and heavy embroidery fabrics. He passed his knowledge to our grandfather Mr. Mustafa. He in turn taught my father Mr. Yousif AlBeer. My father spent several years of his early working life learning the family business and growing it in innovative ways. He introduced the high end fashion line in Baghdad in the year 1978. Ever since, the business was grown and thrived with offices in Baghdad, Dubai, Toronto and Shanghai.


The early name of the business was Yaser Textiles, which was named after the eldest son of Yousif Al Beer and had a reputable brand name all over Baghdad. In 1985, the family was blessed with a second child who was named Mayasa. They decided to rename the business to Yaser and Mayasa Textiles as it stands today.

Yousif AlBeer has always believed that women should be respected, look elegant and fashionable. This belief drives the principles of our business and we share this idea to discerning clients who look for quality fabrics. Whether it’s to sell fabrics or designing clothes, we are always excited to help and share our knowledge in the artful world of fabrics. Over the course of our operations we have conducted several research and development initatives, studied various languages to be able to serve the varying nationalities of clientele in the best, most personal way possible.

We believe that relationships are more valuable than just the usual customer/supplier routines. We strive to build a strong camaraderie with every visitor to our showrooms. And every relationship we build has been lasting.

My father Yousif AlBeer was very active in. He travelled around the world with the desire to find exclusive designs. And we are still in the business of sourcing the most compelling and beautiful fabrics around the world. Now our key supplier is China where we work with high quality fabric designers.

In 2003, we opened our new office in Dubai. From there we served customers from the Middle East and Russian markets. In 2010, we opened up our services in Canada and North America. Our opportunities are endless and are now actively involved in the latest and biggest fashion industries.


What’s next

As we continue to grow and expand, we are looking forward to opening our next branch in China. And thus… the story continues.

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