Bling Bling – Metallic and Shiny

Fashion has firmly voted for sparkle and decoration, and where sequins, jewels, strass and chains are not enough, a rich effect can be obtained on the inside, enclosed in the material itself.

Metallic Fabrics,wouldn’t be show business without glitzy and bold shiny metallic fabrics! the line of metallic fabrics includes everything from translucent subtle metallic sheers that iridesce beautifully under lights to highly reflective shiny metallics, boucles, sheers, scrim, and more.

Lame combines a luxury of ancient Cloth of gold and comfort of modern fabrics. Innovative technologies made this dazzling fabric affordable. Today you can choose from a variety of lame fabrics.

Gorgeous and stunning, the Metallics Shiny Lame Fabric-Silver is ideal for a wide variety of fashion apparel projects. This shiny lame fabric features a striking hue, creating a sheen that’ll enhance the look of your evening dresses and gowns. Use it to craft halter neck tops, jackets, blouses, skirts, and complete your designs with pearls, lace trims.

Lame fabric is a type of cloth with metallic threads. It is usually made of natural materials like silk, viscose, cotton, wool or synthetic fibers like polyester, polyamide, nylon.Tissue lame is made of a lightweight mylar woven with a nylon filament. It’s a good choice for costumes and decorations.

Lame fabric features the shining effect of a hologram. It looks stunning in different light and angles and has an iridescent effect, changing color in the light.. Perfect for costumes, dancewear

‘Lame’ in translation from French is a ‘metal plate’. This fabric came to us from antiquity, it was mentioned in ancient Assyrian cuneiform writings. Shining with gold or silver patterns, it was used for vestments of priests and clothes of the rich nobility to emphasize the high social status.

Gold and silver wires from flattened metal were wrapped around threads to create shiny apparel. These fabrics were known as ‘Cloth of gold’. Today, lame fabric can be made with metallic fibers for exclusive garments and metal coated plastic for more affordable ones. Moreover, synthetic fibers make the fabric lightweight, and easier to care for and handle it when sewing.